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(Updated on February, 27th, 2023)

Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine (JSMC), a full-time public vocational college directly subordinate to the Jiangsu Commission of Health, is a provincial demonstrative vocational college co-constructed by Jiangsu province, Yancheng city and the college itself. JSMC’s school-running history can be dated back to July, 1941, when the Sanitation School of Central China was established by the New Fourth Army. In 1958, the school was rebuilt as the Yancheng Medical Vocational School and Yancheng Vocational School of Traditional Chinese Medicine respectively; and in July 1964, it was rebuilt as Yancheng Medical School. Since 1977, the school had started its talent cultivation at vocational and undergraduate level, and its higher vocational education with the five-year vocational programs since 1996. In 2005, approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu, it was promoted as Yancheng Institute of Health Sciences (YIHS), then in February 2017, the institute was renamed as Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine.

JSMC locates in the homeland of the red-crowned crane and the Milu deer -- Yancheng, a city with reputation for its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, and pristine wetlands. JSMC covers a total area of 138.9 acres and the construction area is about 285.7 thousand square meters with a gross value of fixed assets over 600 million RMB, including near 148 million RMB teaching devices and a book collection of 779.2 thousand. JSMC now has 12 teaching units with 22 specialties.

JSMC has always been keen on the educational reform and the comprehensive development of specialties. Among the 22 specialties, there are 5 recognized by the MOE’s Action Plan on the Innovative Development of Higher Vocational Education as key specialties, 1 as Jiangsu provincial level-A brand specialty, 1 as the first batch of demonstration specialty among vocational colleges nationwide, and 5 as Jiangsu provincial key specialties. Apart from these, JSMC has 3 Jiangsu provincial key specialty groups, 2 Jiangsu provincial specialties with distinguish features, 2 central-government-supported specialties, and 1 Jiangsu provincial high-level specialty group. JSMC also has other educational achievements as 2 MOE teaching resource databases for vocational education, 4 national level excellent MOOCs, 49 Jiangsu provincial MOOCs, 2 excellent MOOCs on the platform of China Medical Education Alliance of Online Courses, 10 national planned textbooks, 20 Jiangsu provincial key textbooks, 1 project of “Excellent Typical Case of Online and Offline Mixed Teaching”, 2 productive training bases recognized by the MOE’s Action Plan on the Innovative Development of Higher Vocational Education, 2 training platforms for depth integration of production and education, 1 Jiangsu provincial integration platform for production and education training, 2 Jiangsu provincial example virtual reality training bases, and 5 national and provincial training bases.

JSMC has made great progress in the building of an excellent teaching group. Among the 1047 full-time and part-time teachers, there are 41 professors, 66 with a doctoral degree and 407 with a master’s degree. There are also 6 Jiangsu provincial teaching groups and 3 prominent teachers. 10 teachers were listed as candidates in the “333 Project” and 5 were chosen as high-level talents by the “Six-Talent Peaks” project. 8 young and middle-aged teachers were chosen as academic leaders 27 as talents under cultivation.

JSMC attaches great importance to the training of students’ practical abilities and promotes the quality of personnel through competitions. The pass rates of the students majored in clinical medicine and preventive medicine in the License Examination are both higher than the average rates nationwide, by 45% and 39% respectively, which both listed on the top among all vocational colleges in China. The pass rates of the students majored in nursing, medical imaging, rehabilitation, and medical laboratory technology surpass 99%, 80%, 84%, and 87% respectively. Up to now, 17 gold medals and 142 individual and group awards have been won by the students from JSMC in the national vocational students’ skills competitions, including 2 outstanding awards and 50 first awards.

JSMC has always adhered to the joint development between the college and Yancheng city. Through this, its scientific research and social service capabilities have met significant improvements. During the past 5 years, teachers from JSMC had over 700 national, provincial and city-level scientific research projects undertaken, including 5 projects from the NSFC and 15 projects from the Natural and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu. Teachers have won 36 awards including the Huaihai Prize for Science and Yancheng Natural Science Progress Award. 1300 papers have been published by faculty members of JSMC in national journals, in which 260 were published in Chinese core journals, 190 in SCI journals, and more than 740 national patents acquired. Report on Development and Reform of Grassroot Level Healthcare in Jiangsu -- the only provincial report in China on the development and reform of healthcare at grassroot level was also publicized by JSMC. The college also established 9 national and provincial platforms for scientific researches, including a post-doctoral innovation practice base and a key research base for philosophy and social sciences, which effectively promoted the improvement of innovation capabilities and the transformation of scientific research results in Yancheng city and northern Jiangsu, and had made continuous improvement in linking science and education to serve regional health industry.

In the 80 years of schooling, JSMC always regards the philosophy of “Building a quality-based medical college with unique features and noble medical ethics” as a creed and put its position as “the leading medical college for grassroot level in northern Jiangsu which has an influence nationwide”. “Xing Fang Zhi Yuan” (to perform uprightly together with a comprehensive mind) is JSMC’s motto, and “Sincerity, Concern, Beauty, Cleanliness and Precision” are its spiritual cores. Under the inculcation of the teaching style “excellent knowledge, prudence and dedication” and the study style “professional through diligence, techniques from knowledge”, over 50,000 high-quality skill-oriented medical and health personnel have been trained throughout the years. Among the alumni, there are excellent models as Yuan Jinqi, the winner of the “National Award for Outstanding Contribution to Traditional Chinese Medicine”, Zhou Guijuan, a “National Outstanding Nurse”, Wang Zhaojun, winner of the National Gold Award for Blood Donation, Xi Jiakai, , founder of JSMC’s nursing specialty, winner of the “2015 China’s Role Model”, who had donated 2 million to set up the “Teaching Scholarship”, Xu Zhaoxue, another winner of the “China’s Role Model” who sacrificed himself to save others, and Liu Qihui, the “National Outstanding Role Model in Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic”. 

In recent years, JSMC has won more than 40 national and provincial commendations, including the first place in the comprehensive assessment of provincial universities and colleges, “Outstanding College on Vocational Education in Jiangsu”, etc. Looking forward to the coming future, a new journey in pursuit of dreams is standing in front of a new starting point. With the continuous adherence to the fundamental task of cultivating excellent personnel, persistent reform of education philosophy and teaching methods, steady improvement of the level of connotation construction, and comprehensive promotion of collaborative innovation ability and talents cultivate quality, a bright tomorrow of JSMC is at hand, and a bigger contribution can be achieved in the building process of the initiative of Healthy Jiangsu and the province with an excellent educational quality.

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