Tea Party for Students Sticking to Posts during Spring Festival Held by JSMC

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On January 26th, JSMC held the “Tea Party for Students Sticking to Posts” in the fifth conference room of the Academic Conference Center. Vice President Wang Hui, deans of the Office of Academic Affairs, Department of Logistics, Department of Security, party secretaries of the schools, as well as 10 student representatives attended the event.

At the party, leaders of JSMC had warm conversations with the students, and extended their holiday congratulations and blessings. They also listened to the students’ recent feelings, gains and problems one by one, and emphasized that the students should always maintain a good attitude, prevent pandemic scientifically, keep in touch with parents and teachers, and report any difficulties at any time. The students were also wished to make full use of the holiday time. When talking about the Spring Festival customs, the students spoke freely, sharing the customs of the Spring Festival in their hometown and interesting things in life, and expressed that they received the care and warmth from the college in this festival of reunion.

In his speech, Vice President Wang Hui first wished the students a happy Spring Festival, and introduced the outstanding achievements in the development of JSMC in the past year; then he praised the professionalism and the dedication attitude of the students for sticking to their posts during the Spring Festival. He hoped that every student could pass on care and warmth of the college to other students who stick to their posts and to their parents; at the same time, he hoped the students carry on the prevention and control of the pandemic, and pay attention to safety.

By the end of the party, the attendees distributed milk and nuts gift packs to each student, making the festival atmosphere to its peak.

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