Third Session of the Online Conference with MCAST Held by JSMC

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On the afternoon of October 21st, the Office of International Cooperation & Communication of JSMC held the third session of the online conference with Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), and the appointment ceremony of the Maltese public health consultant Dr. Busuttil in the fifth meeting room of the Academic Conference Center. Steve Vella, Vice President of MCAST, Dr. Busuttil, former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the WHO, Chen Juheng, Vice Chairman of the Maltese Chinese Association, and Chen Guozhong, President of JSMC attended the meeting. Lorraine, Dean of the Office of International Cooperation & Communication of JSMC presided over the conference

At the beginning of the conference, JSMC first held the ceremony of hiring Dr. Busuttil as an expert consultant for the “Zheng He International Silk Road Center”. With a speech delivered, President Chen Guozhong expressed the support JSMC will provide to Dr. Busuttil as the center’s expert consultant to promote the construction of the center, and a beautiful vision for the future cooperation between the two colleges. Dr. Busuttil first thanked for the trust given by JSMC. He said that the cooperation in the field of health between Malta and the People’s Republic of China had lasted for more than 25 years, and he is very glad to contribute to the cooperation between the two colleges and even the two countries in health education. He will do his best to assist JSMC in the construction of “Zheng He International Silk Road Center”. Then the JSMC awarded the appointment letter through an online photo.

Subsequently, the third session of the online conference between JSMC and MCAST convened. At the conference, the Dean of the Office of International Cooperation & Communication introduced to MCAST the work responsibilities of Dr. Busuttil, and plan of the future center construction. The two colleges also discussed the construction methods, venues, and future activities of the center with the assistance of Dr. Busuttil and Vice Chairman Chen Juheng, and changed opinions on the details and implementation of projects such as teacher-student exchange, course output, and online training. Vice President Vella said despite the current difficulties in international exchanges due to the epidemic and the obstruction of offline communication, the cooperation projects between the two colleges would not be lagged behind. It’s not only conducive to the internationalization of the two colleges, but also a channel to the learning and exchanges between the college students and people of the two countries. The two colleges would work together to formulate a blueprint as soon as possible so as to better promote and implement the construction of the “Zheng He International Silk Road Center”, and to lay a foundation for further international cooperation and exchanges. MCAST also welcomed teachers and students from JSMC to study and exchange in Malta in the future.

In the end of the conference, President Chen Guozhong delivered a closing speech, hoping that the two colleges can reach an agreement on the construction of the Silk Road Center through the joint plan soon, and the good wishes of building the “Silk Road Center” would be realized as scheduled.

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