Freshers’ Military Training Report and Commendation Meeting Held by JSMC

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On the afternoon of November 4th, at the East Campus Stadium, JSMC held the Freshers’ Military Training Report and Commendation Meeting. All college leaders, relevant personnel in charge of the training, deans of the schools and departments, and all student instructors of grade2021 attended the meeting presided over by Vice President Wang Hui.

The meeting started with a solemn flag-raising ceremony, and followed by the military training report of the freshers. Vice President Gao Cuixiang announced the “Decision on Recognizing Advanced Collectives and Individuals in Military Training of the Freshers”. College leaders and deans of the training units issued honorary certificates to advanced collectives and advanced individuals. Sun Junxi from the “3+2” Class of the Rehabilitation School made a speech on behalf of the awarded students, in which he extended his high respect and deep gratitude to all the instructors and teachers, and called on the students to carry forward the glorious tradition of JSMC, and to be the backbone of China in the future with hard work and sweat.

Li Yuhua, Deputy Party Secretary of JSMC, first paid high respects to all the instructors of the training unit in his speech. He then expressed heartfelt thanks to all the staff who worked hard for this military training, and warmly congratulated all the students who successfully completed the military training tasks. He hoped that all freshers can clinch on the characters forged in the military training in the new era, maintain a military salute full of enthusiasm and respect for the future life, and be able to make a good step forward in growth, thus take on the arduous task of realizing the great rejuvenation of China.

Party Secretary Hao Dafu presented a banner to the training unit and extended his high respect and heartfelt thanks to all instructors.

In his concluding speech, Vice President Wang Hui pointed out that military training has enhanced patriotism, cultivated living abilities, tempered spiritual characters, and trained military skills. He hoped that the students will keep in mind the entrustment, and constantly internalize the spiritual character tempered in military training as the driving force for growth, cherish the beautiful college life, cultivate the morality and humanity, and continuously improve the overall quality and promote comprehensiveness. 

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