Pre-work Training Seminar for New Teachers Held by JSMC

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In order to help new teachers laying the foundation of educational and teaching skills, and make them fully adapt to the new character as teachers, JSMC entrusted the Medical College of Yangzhou University to hold the Pre-work Training Seminar from October 26th to 29th.

On the morning of October 26th, the opening ceremony of the seminar was held. Li Wei, deputy dean of the Medical College of Yangzhou University, Zhang Yue, director of the Office of Continuing Education, and Chen Jun, dean of the Human Resources Department of JSMC, attended the ceremony. Li Wei first gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the general situation of Yangzhou University and the Medical College. Then Chen Jun put forward requirements and expectations for new teachers, hoping that new teachers can keep in mind the original mission of cultivating people, and contribute to the high-quality development of JSMC.

This seminar was combined by modules including “Teachers’ Ethics & Etiquette”, “Overview of Educational Technology”, “PPT Making and the Selection of Modern Teaching Media and Application of Internet Teaching Resources”, “Introduction to Medical Student Education Management”, “PBL Teaching Method in Medical Teaching”, “Topic Selection, Research Design and Paper Writing of Medical Research”, etc., from which new teachers could have a comprehensive understanding of the role of teacher in the new era, and learn the importance of the construction of teachers’ morality, ideological work and professional etiquette. The seminar would certainly play an important role in promoting the connotative development of JSMC.

Leaders of JSMC attached great importance to this seminar. On the afternoon of October 28th, Hao Dafu, Party Secretary of JSMC, paid a visit to the seminar. He highly affirmed the new teachers’ enthusiasm for learning and hoped that new teacher can always remember the mission of education, continuously improve the professional knowledge base and teaching abilities, strive to be an ideal teacher with strong politics and firm beliefs, and make their own contribution to the education of JSMC, Jiangsu province, and China as a whole, thus write their own wonderful stories with the development of JSMC.

The seminar ended with group speeches. New teachers expressed that they have benefited a lot from it and would use this pre-job seminar as an opportunity to deeply engrave the ethical role of teachers to their original professional aspirations and career missions.

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