The Nursing School Successfully Completed the Issuance of the 2020 Graduates’ Certificates

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        In order to provide graduates with more thoughtful college-leaving services and guidance on employment, on the morning of July 18th, the Nursing School launched the issuance of the 2020 graduates’ certificates. party branch secretary He Shuzhi, Dean Xia Liping, beputy secretary Wang Junfeng, and class teachers of the 2020 graduating classes participated.

        8 o‘clock in the morning, all the teachers arrived to welcome the arrival of the graduates. At the issuance site, the class teachers issued graduation certificates and other materials to the students in an orderly manner, and the students signed and received them on the spot after verifying that they were correct. They also gave on-site one-to-one guidance for students who are still not employed. Vice-president Wang Hui also came to investigate the class issuance situation, and asked in detail about the working process. He also had a cordial conversation with the students to understand their employment conditions.

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