Vice-President Gao Cuixiang Guided the Teachers Preparing for the National Teaching Skills Competition of Higher Vocational Education

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        On the afternoon of August 23rd, vice-president Gao Cuixiang, dean of the Department of Academic Affairs Wang Tingzhi, and Dean of the School of Public Fundamentals Wang Yingzi went to Nanjing to visit the teachers preparing for the 2020 National Teaching Skills Competition.

        The team participating the national competition was composed of four teachers from the Foreign Language Office of the School of Public Fundamentals--Ji Yuehua, Zhang Qiuyue, Yao Rongle, and Pan Lanlan. They just won the first prize in the Jiangsu Teaching Skills Competition.

        On the morning of August 24th, vice-president Gao Cuixiang and dean Wang Tingzhi gave on-site guidance to the four teachers' model class, and put forward valuable suggestions in the three procedures of report on teaching implementation, lectures without students, and final defense.

        Finally, vice-president Gao pointed out that everyone should maintain confidence in the competition, try to feel relaxed, and face it in the best condition.

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