Free Medical Consultation Arranged by the Retired Teachers of JSMC

author:eng     Release time:2020-09-28     viewed:10 

        In response to the arrangements and requirements of the Bureau for Retired Cadres, on the morning of September 23rd, the “Grey-Haired Medical Team” from the party branch of the retired led by secretary Long Fang went to Lupu Town in Funing County for free medical consultation for local farmers.

        The medical team covers 10 majors including internal medicine, surgery, TCM, pain specialist, rehabilitation, laboratory examination, ultrasound, etc. The medical team immediately started the consultation upon arrival and received more than 200 people during the whole day. Supported by the People’s Government of Lupu and Central Health Center of the town, the retired professors of JSMC were well received and highly praised by the people there.


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